For the past twenty years my photography has reflected a combination of technical precision and artistic expression. My professional work has been influenced by my studies in leading academic institutions in Israel and the United States that integrated both the technical aspects of the medium and a broader appreciation of the arts.

I have worked for a variety of private clients and public institutions including various artists, architecture firms, product designers and restaurants. Specific examples include Israel Aharoni (well know Israeli chef), The Tel-Aviv University, the Israeli Ministry of Education, The Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel, The Municipality of Haifa, the Israeli magazine “Teva Ha’Devarim” and more.


1997 Advertising studies at the Israeli Advertising Association
1998-2002 BA in Photography from The Neri Bloomfield School of Design and Education (Wizo), Graduated with Honors
2002-2004 Photography, Painting and Etching studies at the School of Visual Arts, New York
2008-2010 MSc in Art Theory, The David and Yolanda Katz Faculty of the Arts, Tel-Aviv University – Dean’s List, Graduated with Honors.

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